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Negative consequences of smoking, actually had begun when a person began to smoke for the first time. In a smoke of cigarette that be smoked, tobacco burned less than perfect so as it produces CO (Carbon mono-oxide), which in beside of its own smoke, tar and nikotine (those also happen as a risult of tabacco burning) where it’s somked entering directly to respiratory system.

CO, Tar, and Nicotine take effect of nerve that causes:

  • Jumpy, shaky hands (tremor)
  • Taste / decreased appetite
  • It can conduce miscarriage for pregnant womans

Tar and Cigarette Smoke

Tar and cigarette smoke stimulates the respiratory system, and the tar was buried at the chanel that causes:

  • Cough or asphyxiate (shortness of breath)
  • Tar that stucks on the respiratory system can cause respiratory cancer, tongue or lips


Nicotine stimulates the rise of adrenal hormones from child of kidney which causes:

  • Heart pounding
  • Increase the blood pressure and cholesterol levels in blood, that related identically with the occurrence of heart attack

CO (Carbon Monoxide)

CO has also got the negative consiquance  the respiratory system and of blood vessels.

Carbon mono-oxide is bound more easily to hemoglobin than oxygen.
Therefore, the person’s blood that possessed with too much CO, will decrease the haulage of oxygen and person will die from carbon mono-oxide poisoning.

‘Cigarette’ is a cylinder of paper that has length between 70 to 120 mm (varies depending on country) with a diameter about 10 mm, containing sliced tobacco leaves. Cigarettes were burned on one of the end of cigarette and allowed to to be burned in other it can be smoked through our mouth at the other end.

Cigarettes are usually sold in a boxed package paper package that can be inserted easily into the bag. Since last few years, these packets are also generally accompanied by health messages that warn smokers about the dangers of smokes for our health smoking Such as lung cancer or heart attack. But in the fact, it’s only a decoration and most of people rarely obey it.

The danger of cigarette for health of Human Body – As aresult from a cigarette Poison, Addicted, Opiate, dissipating much money, and  sins.

Cigarettes are toxic things that give an effect to relax and feel more manly suggestion. Behind the benefits of cigarettes that contained a piece of a very big danger for people who smoke and those non-smokers are around smokers.

  1. Cigarette smoke contains about 4000 chemicals that 200 of all are poisonous and 43 of all can cause a cancer for our body. Some a very dangerous substance namely: tar, nicotine, carbon monoxide, etc.
  2. The cigarette smoke that recently went out on the ashtray, it contains threefold as cancer triggers material on the air and 50 times contain pengeiritasi eyes irritation material and respiratory. A shorter  stem cigarette , a higher the toxicity of cigarettes are ready to float into the air. A place filled with cigarette smoke pollution is a more dangerous place than the pollution in the traffic jams.
  3. Someone who usually tries smoking will be addicted, because cigarettes are addictive nature is difficult to be released under any conditions. A heavy smoker will choose smoking than eating if he just has a limited money.
  4. Expensive price of cigarettes would be very burdensome to people classified as poor, so that health and family welfare funds are often diverted to buy cigarettes. Famous brand cigarettes is usually owned by the foreign cigarette companies who come from abroad, so the part money that has been spent by smokers will flee to foreign countries, then it reduces a national income.
  5. Cigarette factories that employ many workers will not be able to improve the standard of living employees, so if the factory closed, the workers can be employed in other more creative places of bussines and bring in foreign exchange.
  6. Some smokers will usually invite other people who have not smoked for smoking in order they can feel the same pain with them. In other words, in order they trapped in an evil addiction. There’s also some smokers deliberately smoke in the public places in order  the exhaled tobacco smoke can be inhaled by others, so that others will be attacted by cancer.
  7. Activities that damage the body is a sin, so that cigarettes can be categorized as an forbidden thing that must be avoided as far as possible. The religious scholars who smoke may have different perceptions in this regard.


So we can conclude that smoking is a stupid activity that done by humans who sacrifice money, health, social life, the reward, positive perceptions, etc. So be thankful if you don’t smoke. Because you are a smart person.

When someone offers a cigarette, then you reject politely!. Compassionate to those who smoke. Do not listen them who regard you lower than them if not following to smoke. because in their hearts and right minds, they want to stop smoking.

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