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Ali Fauzi. That’s my full name I’m a simple person, I don’t really advanced style. I was born in Tasikmalaya at March 20th, 1991. I was also born from a very simple famaly so of that condition I completely do my life with limited riches. And it makes a person of Alfa lives painfully and god willing full of seriousness.

But with that condition doesn’t make me to stop my hopeness to be able for developing and increase my own quality similar with others are better than me.

My education begin from Kindergarten of course. I had finished it untill aawarded a degree at graduation ceremony. Then I continoed my study to a higher level of school, namely Al-Mubarokah Primary School. In indonesian it’s called SD (Sekolah Dasar). But it dominated with islam so then it’d be called MI (Madrasah Ibtidaiyah). Thanks God, I finished it with enough satisfying mark. I contonued again my study to Islamic Junior High school, namely MTs Al-Hidayah, and thanks God I’d also finished it with a satisfying mark. And then I also continued my study to Senior High School. It’s the first time I study at a governmental school. And until now I’ve been studying at that school in third grade. Please pray for my reader in order I can pass UN. Moreover we must minimally gain at about 6.00 of or mark. Wow…what a terrible event this is.

Huh.., I’m so nervous facing it…

Talking about status, it’s always asked by many people. But I’m not too serious with it. Though like that, I’m certainly a normal person same with others. From that, I also have a relationship with someone. Who’s she…? Owh, I never talk about secret. He he.

O ya aspiration….. Emmm I’d like longing to be scientist and writer.

Okay I think it’s enough to introduce me. Moreover I’ve been tired typing….^_^



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